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Understanding and Meeting Your Spouse's Needs (Part 2)
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"A woman has needs for security, affection, communication, and leadership, and a loving husband will do his best to meet these needs"
Ephesians 5:22-33

Just as men have special needs, so do women. A man who loves his wife and wants to build a good marriage would do his best to understand and meet her needs.

A woman's four major needs are security, affection, communication, and leadership.

1) Security: a woman needs to know that she has a dependable source to meet her needs (in so far as a husband can meet his wife's needs) for the rest of her life. This means a husband must the selfless and sacrificially serve his wife. When a wife knows that her husband will meet her needs, even to his own hurt, she will feel confident and secure.

2) Soft, nonsexual affection: a woman needs frequent hugs and hand holding. Rather than sex, these signs of affection are the key to her sexuality and how she knows she is loved. Affection communicates value, security, and emotional connection.

3) Open and honest communication: a wife needs to know the details of her husbands life. She wants to have intimate conversations with her husband. By connecting heart to heart, she can help him get in touch with his emotions.

4) Leadership: no woman wants to be dominated by her husband, but she does need to know that her husband will be a living initiator of matters that are important to them both. A woman wants her husband to lead in four critical areas: children-she wants her husband to pray with, play with, and discipline the kids. Romance-she wants him to plan dates and other occasions to show her special attention. Finances-she wants him to set up a family budget and plan for the family's future. Spirituality-she wants him to pray with her and lead the family in spiritual growth and church involvement.