Thank you for visiting our site. Our mission is to provide free education to couples that are married or those that are preparing for marriage so that they succeed.
Unfortunately, many marriages end in divorce, which causes terrible results for not only the current family involved, but also future generations as well.
 We believe the root of these situations occuring is a direct result of a lack of knowledge. God's word says in Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.
First we must understand that God is the Creator of marriage, therefore we must look to Him and His word to understand what it takes to be successful at marriage.

It's common practice for married couples to look to the world's understanding of marriage, along with how the married couple's parents may have operated in their marriage. Unfortunately those methods are not always successful.

The information provided has been proven effective and has helped thousands of married couples and the great news is that it can help your marriage too if you're willing. Please, do not let a lack of knowledge hold you back from having a great marriage!
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